Assignment 1

What is a blog?

A blog is a type of personal website where users can maintain a type of “online journal.” Bloggers maintain blogs with daily on-line entries.  Entries can consist of anything from commentary to videos or pictures.  Often a blog will have a theme. Blogs are a public domain and others can read a persons blog entries which are displayed in reverse chronological order.

Why use a blog?

Blogs are used to create an on-line community of communication.  The uncensored entries reach the public quickly and easily, and they can be used as propoganda, advertisement, or to gain notoriety.

What are the most common sights for blogging?

The 10 best reviewed blog service sites 2010 were the following:

1. WordPress

2. TypePad

3. SquareSpace

4. Blogger

5. AOL Journals

6. Windows Live Spaces

7. Xanga

8. Live Journal

9. Vox

10. MySpace


How much does it cost to blog?

Simply blogging on a blog service site is  usually completely FREE! (some web hosts can cost up to $75.00)  If you want your own domain site for business or professional purposes it can cost you around $50.00/year.  You can drop a couple hundred dollars for more advanced blogging software etc.  Also, you have to remember that when you blog you need a n email and internet access, which can cost $0-$40.00.  Incidentally, I got all of this information on a blog!



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